Flat Label ID Area H
191 mm
Flat Label ID Area W
64 mm
Hopper Height
41 mm
Inside Length
152 mm
Inside Width
206 mm
Outside Length
168 mm
Outside Width
224 mm
Outside Height
74 mm
0.3 kg
Protect parts from the damaging effects of static electricity. ESD-Safe Part bins are permanently molded in conductive material for use in cleanrooms and workstations. Combine Part Bins with ESD-Safe Metal Storage Systems to meet your work-in-process requirements.


  • XL Conductive material.
  • Flat label ID are 2.5"W x 7.5"H.
  • With divider.
  • With molded in divider.
  • Label Insert area for easy identification.
  • Smooth gravity flow interior optimizes parts accessibility.
  • Bins hang on most louvered panels or rails.
  • Solid covers available to further protect parts by creating a Faraday Cage.

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